A time saving of up to 80%
or a release of 3 days per working week for employed individuals.


PERMITS to Fly was created based on direct experience with the processes of obtaining overflight and landing permits.

We know all about it from our own real-life experiences:

Working on two seasons at the same time?
Continuous changes in current schedules?
Ad hoc assignments?
Communication problems with certain states?
Constant questions from other departments?
Constantly onboarding new employees?
Substituting for absent team members?

Our process

Our system is a response to your needs, improving the entire process of obtaining permits thereby reducing the possibility of costly errors and lowering stress levels.

With PERMITS to Fly, you control the whole process much more easily, improving the quality of your working environment.
Your applications will be error-free, complete and sent on time!


PERMITS to Fly offers a range of benefits for direct users such as:

Automation of the entire process
Automatic preparation and completion of documentation in the required format
Intuitive interface in English with the possibility of personalization
Convenience and security with a cloud-based solution
Reduction in human error
Simple process management, including automatic prioritization of tasks
Faster and more effective communication
Transparent monitoring of individual stages
Facilitating decisions by the flight planning and operations departments
Reduction of fatigue and stress
Reactive and flexible decision-making enhancement


With PERMITS to Fly, you can prepare a flawless permit application in the shortest possible time. No more routine and repetitive manual actions!

PERMITS to Fly is not only a tool, but also a concept that gives you the opportunity to find solutions and implement improvements within the daily work of an aviation permit specialist.


Introduce PERMITS to Fly in your company and reap the rewards!

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